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Ireland? How’s the food?





After my recent trip to Ireland, the one question I hear the most is, “How’s the food? ” usually accompanied by a look that implies the negative.   Honestly, especially for a pescetarian, the food was fabulous!




Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean so seafood is on every menu. Here are a couple of my dishes… The crunchy, light battered fish and chips with smashed peas were a late breakfast for me.  The mussels were really fresh and served with a garlic aioli for dipping.
If you are a smoked salmon fan, Ireland is the place to order it. Check out the high tea from the Killarney Hotel.

The cows are grass fed so the dairy is naturally creamy and sweet. If you haven’t had Irish butter, you haven’t lived my friends! You can get Kerrygold butter and cheese at your local grocery store. Give it a try.

We did a ton of walking on our trip and the Irish lanes were lined in hedgerows filled with raspberry bushes. A nice little snack while hiking!


Other than one evening at an upscale restaurant, we ate fresh, simple, clean pub fare (the Guinness was pretty good too!) You can’t go wrong with locally sourced ingredients. Yes, the food was great!

Ands, Ifs and Halibut


FullSizeRender - Copy (5)

The Halibut looked so fresh at the market that I had to grab some for dinner. As always, I love a crunchy texture to my fish and this recipe is an old standby. You can’t go wrong with this simple topping. (more…)

I Love Me Some Ceviche!


Ceviche is one of my favorite pescetarian dishes. A Mexican staple, it is usually served as a cold appetizer. The fish isn’t cooked by heat but by the acid in the citrus fruit… It’s like fruit magic! I added orange juice to smooth out the tart lime juice and capers because well, who doesn’t love those salty little flower buds?! I am using tilapia for this recipe but you can use cod, haddock, shrimp, scallops or whatever your fishmonger has that’s fresh for a good price. (more…)

To Quinoa or Not?

My husband and I decided to venture out and try a different restaurant – The Lake Ridge in Round Lake, NY.  A very pretty restaurant with nice linens and old photos of the Saratoga Springs area on the walls.  The beautiful mahogany bar area was cozy and welcoming.  My kind of place. (more…)

If You Are What You Eat…. I’m a Wild Caught Salmon!

I am a Pescetarian or as we are sometimes called, a “Vegequarian” – a Vegetarian who also includes fish in her diet. I became a pescetarian for health reasons after noting the disastrous numbers on my blood test results. I knew I had to make a change. (more…)

Easter Dinner French Style

“The Chef’s Table”   Franklin Lakes, NJ.  Classical French cuisine expertly prepared!

I recently tried this little gem with my family for our Easter celebration. The restaurant seats about 35 people tops.  The walls are covered with artwork displayed by local artists (for sale at a reasonable price). The Chef’s Table is chef owned and family run. (more…)