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Oyster Stuffing – History Dictates!

Oysters and seafood were most likely on the table of the settlers in Plymouth, MA in 1621.  This pescetarian thinks that’s an awesome idea!  Click here to get this recipe!

Oyster stuffing ingredients


DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Using Flowers, Fruits and Veggies!

My DIY project’s How To is up on the FHLS website!  Why not give it a try?  If you have any trouble, I’m here to help!


Split Pea and Caramelized Leek Soup

pea soup leeks

I was checking out at the market last week and I always like to strike up a little conversation with the check-out people and baggers. (I’m sure they are just delighted!) I watched the young man struggling to put these two large leeks in a bag and I blurted out one of my favorite lines from the 2009 movie, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs – Revenge of the Leftovers, “Help there’s a leek in the boat!”.  The young bagger stopped and stared at me, then looked down at the leeks with that light dawning look on his face and said, “I finally get that joke, thanks!”.  I guess you had to be there and see the movie….. anyway, it’s all about the veggies!  Pea soup is a hearty dish that is pretty inexpensive to make using dried peas.  Here’s my recipe for a great cold weather soup that you can make in your slow cooker (bonus) and top it all off with sweet caramelized leeks. (more…)

Susan Spouts-A 50 Something’s Musings



Welcome to a new corner of my blog…. I’m calling it Susan Spouts-A 50 Something’s Musings, where I can “spout” about things that are on the mind of this 50 something food blogger. Would love you to grab a glass of wine, read and comment if you have time….