Leon’s Mexican Restaurant – A Great Move

margaritas2 leons

Last Saturday evening, my hubby and I were going to SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center) to see the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater for an 8:00 curtain.  We thought we’d grab dinner out before the show.  Leon’s Mexican Restaurant was a standard in our dining-out repertoire for more than ten years. In the last 9 months and 9 weeks the restaurant has moved from Saratoga to Ballston Spa and we hadn’t ventured to the new place to see our friend and the owner, Roberta Acosta, and knew we had to stop in.  The reason I mentioned the 9 months and 9 weeks time period is because while Roberta was moving to her new venue, she found out that she was pregnant…..with twins!! We got to meet the beautiful 9 week old boys who were in the office under the care of their older sister, Luchiana.  Roberta, not only a great mother and restaurateur….. but a Superwoman!! (more…)

A Thoroughbred of a Restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC

Recently in South Carolina for my cousin’s wedding we decided to extend our stay for a week and make this trip our annual vacation. After the uncluttered beaches and non commercial areas of Litchfield Beach, Pawleys Island and Murrells Inlet, we ventured to Myrtle Beach for a night away to celebrate our second Wedding Anniversary. As we grew closer to our destination, I seriously didn’t think we’d find the romantic dining experience that I envisioned for our evening… (more…)

Traver’s Smoothie-Fit for a Triple Crown Winner?

Travers ingredientsIf I were a thoroughbred race horse, this smoothie would be a champion’s breakfast…. Oats, carrots, molasses and bright strawberries blended with Almond milk and organic cranberry juice. Add ice and blend well. (more…)

Farm-to-Market All in One! Vermont Cheese Makers’ Festival 2015

This past weekend, we were treated to a culinary outing that you just have to experience!  Shelburne Farms, in Shelburne Vermont hosted the Vermont Cheese Makers’ Festival. (more…)

Rainy 4th of July in Saratoga… No Problem!

My mother always said not to let the weather stop you from what you want to do…. this is from a woman who grew up in England and told me if they waited for the rain to stop before going outside, they never would’ve gone out!  We did gain our Independence from the Brits but that doesn’t mean we didn’t inherit that kind of sensibility.  So, we grabbed a bumbershoot …. a brolley… uh, I mean an umbrella and headed for downtown Saratoga in search of a  “foodies” 4th of July. (more…)

So You Bought Them, Now What?.. Festival Finds


One of the many things I like about the summer months is the festivals and farmers’ markets that sprout up everywhere.  Hand crafted products from locally sourced ingredients sometimes from the vendors own backyards, farms and vineyards.  Their stories are always unique and are just as interesting as their products.   I can’t resist bringing home a jar, bottle or bag of something new and finding a way to work it into some recipes or just enjoy!  Here are a few of my finds this weekend at the Adirondack Wine and Food Festival in Lake George, NY. (more…)

Ireland? How’s the food?





After my recent trip to Ireland, the one question I hear the most is, “How’s the food? ” usually accompanied by a look that implies the negative.   Honestly, especially for a pescetarian, the food was fabulous!




Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean so seafood is on every menu. Here are a couple of my dishes… The crunchy, light battered fish and chips with smashed peas were a late breakfast for me.  The mussels were really fresh and served with a garlic aioli for dipping.
If you are a smoked salmon fan, Ireland is the place to order it. Check out the high tea from the Killarney Hotel.

The cows are grass fed so the dairy is naturally creamy and sweet. If you haven’t had Irish butter, you haven’t lived my friends! You can get Kerrygold butter and cheese at your local grocery store. Give it a try.

We did a ton of walking on our trip and the Irish lanes were lined in hedgerows filled with raspberry bushes. A nice little snack while hiking!


Other than one evening at an upscale restaurant, we ate fresh, simple, clean pub fare (the Guinness was pretty good too!) You can’t go wrong with locally sourced ingredients. Yes, the food was great!

Easter Dinner French Style

“The Chef’s Table”   Franklin Lakes, NJ.  Classical French cuisine expertly prepared!

I recently tried this little gem with my family for our Easter celebration. The restaurant seats about 35 people tops.  The walls are covered with artwork displayed by local artists (for sale at a reasonable price). The Chef’s Table is chef owned and family run. (more…)