Frogs Legs? Pescetarian or Not?


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While looking for a new fish dish for dinner one night, I asked a chef friend whether he thought that frogs legs were considered pescetarian. I love snails too….. are they considered a fish? He impatiently replied, “Susan, just eat ’em!”  

Sometimes, this pescetarian life style can be a little confusing as to where to draw the line so I researched what other pescetarians thought and here’s what I found. Most pescetarians haven’t come across the situation of choosing frogs legs on a menu since it is rare to see them unless you are at a French restaurant or in the Everglades gigging for them yourself (by the way, I’ve done both!)

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Others feel that anything with four legs is a no-no and frogs don’t start out with four legs but end up with them… Frogs are cold blooded like fish but are called amphibians which, according to Merriam-Webster, is a “cold blooded vertebrate, intermediate between fish and reptiles, having gilled aquatic larvae and air-breathing adults”… So according to that definition, we can eat pollywogs! The Catholic Church allows frogs legs on meatless Fridays during lent…. whose going to argue with that?!   For me, it comes down to the nutritional value. 1 oz. of frogs’ legs has 0.09 grams of fat, 4.65g of protein and 0 carbs. Not bad if you cook them smartly – sauteed in olive oil with a touch of butter with lots of garlic and a squeeze of lemon, so good!

Don’t get me started on snails….. I’m keeping them in my diet until there is a reason to let go!

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