If You Are What You Eat…. I’m a Wild Caught Salmon!

I am a Pescetarian or as we are sometimes called, a “Vegequarian” – a Vegetarian who also includes fish in her diet. I became a pescetarian for health reasons after noting the disastrous numbers on my blood test results. I knew I had to make a change.

I started to eat veggies and fish and the numbers went in my favor for once!IMG_2157

Pescetarianism is a way of life – not a fad diet. I adjusted to all the healthy food choices. I cook most of the food my husband and I eat and exercise is essential. Wining and dining out can be tricky, but most restaurants have a fresh fish selection, if not then a vegetarian option. Check out some of my recipes for easy dishes you can try at home or some of my fine dining experiences for inspiration. Happy fishing!

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