Introducing the Sueben…Susan’s Smoked Salmon Reuben!

Pastrami style smoked salmon….it’s a no brainer! I had to make a Rueben or… a Sueben!  (My friend Andy came up with that name so I think it’s gonna stick.)  A little off the diet track but sometimes you just have to eat! Here’s what I did. Two good size sandwiches:

FullSizeRender - Copy (24)

4 slices of seeded rye bread

4 slices of 2% Swiss cheese

1 tablespoon of butter room temperature

4 oz. Pastrami style smoked salmon

1/4 cup whole grain mustard

1/2 cup of sauerkraut

Butter one side of each piece of bread. Heat a nonstick pan on medium heat. Place two slices of bread buttered side down. Spread half mustard evenly on bread and layer salmon, then cheese, then sauerkraut on each bread slice. Top with remaining mustard and two other slices of bread butter side up. Grill on each side until toasted and the cheese is melted. Devour!


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