It’s Not Hand Melon Yet Soup

I was conjuring up visions of ripe, sweet Saratoga Hand Melons with scoops of vanilla ice cream and squirts of lime juice when I came up with this cold soup recipe.   Although, Saratoga Hand Melons are not available until later in the summer, (and I couldn’t wait!) I subbed a large, ripe cantaloupe for this recipe.

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1 ripe cantaloupe cubed reserving a little for garnish

2 tablespoons chopped cilantro

1 cup Greek Yogurt

Sea salt

1 large lime juiced

1 teaspoon fresh ginger grated

1/4 cup cashews

Purée all ingredients, except the cashews, until very smooth. Pour cantaloupe mixture into a bowl leaving 1/2 cup remaining in food processor. Add the cashews to food processor and purée until very smooth then add the cantaloupe mixture back to the cashew mixture and blend well.  At this point, some may want to strain the soup through a fine sieve but I prefer to have a little texture to my soup. Chill for at least an hour before serving. Pour into individual soup bowls and garnish with slivers of melon.


Saratoga Hand Melon Farm is located in Greenwich, NY, in Washington County just outside of Saratoga Springs. Check out their website to see what is available at the farm now (  Pretty soon you will see their stands dotted around the Saratoga area.  Everything they grow is delicious and farm fresh but OH wait for those melons!!!

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