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I have always been enticed by the commercials for those in home food services, you know, Blue Apron and Hello Fresh for example. These services promise to make you an instant smiling chef, in your own home, without the shopping, menu planning, prep work, minimal slicing, dicing etc. Everything just comes to your door, ready to go with instructions and doled out spices and perfectly proportioned proteins. Everyone looks so happy cooking together and using strange plates for these dishes (that would never do) that I was tempted to give it a try. You know, I’m a Farmer’s market girl who tries to grab all the local produce I can to make our food at home, so I really never even considered it and slicing, dicing and pairing wines is how I unwind.  Then, December happened. My calendar looks like a road map…. I wanted to get together over the holidays with well…everyone and spend some quality time chatting and catching up. Sometimes, I’ll admit, I don’t have the time to prepare a high quality meal for everyone. That’s when I was turned on to a local food service company called Plate Prep! Plate Prep uses fresh, seasonal ingredients and delivers to your door.  This new service is brought to you by the Chateau on the Lake Restaurant in Bolton Landing, NY, a natural progression to their business.  Why not give it a try…

My experience with Plate Prep started with going to the website and placing my order for a 5-star dinner party for four.  They offer Dinner Parties, One-Time Ordering and Weekly Plans… For a dinner party, you need to order a week in advance for the chefs to plan and prep your meal.  There are meat, fish, pasta and vegan options to choose from and you can add appetizers, extra helpings, dessert and wine pairing.  Once you have placed your order, the detailing begins. The Chefs want to know as much about you and your guests’ food preferences as they can, including food allergies and sensitivities in order to prepare the best meal for you as possible.  Being a Pescetarian was actually welcomed! With the questionnaire completed, I received an email from the Chef asking to clarify a few things and then we were on our way! My neighbors were invited over for a holiday dinner party.

Dinner party day arrived and I was told that the meal would arrive the day before or the day of my party.  I can’t lie, I was a little nervous about the arrival time, remember, I’m a newbie and a bit of a control freak in the kitchen. Around noon on the day of, my package was hand delivered.

I was excited to open the box and see what was prepared for us.  I ordered the Pan Seared North Atlantic Halibut, Local Maple-Sage Glaze with Adirondack Succotash and roasted Tri-colored Fingerling Potatoes.  The sides were all cooked and vacuumed packed along with the halibut filets ready to cook with the glaze in a jar for me to reduce.  A bottle of Burgogne, “Les Setilles” 2014 was perfectly chilled due to the packaging, and a good choice for the fish dish.  A container of four portions of chocolate flourless cake and fresh blueberries accompanied the contents. I could see pulling this meal together from “box to plate in 15 minutes”.

I’m ready to go!

The only thing I needed to do was cook the fish, heat up the maple glaze and plate.  Oh…and open the wine!

I seared the healthy sized portions of fish on both sides and finished it in the oven with the potatoes.

I left the succotash at room temp because it had a tangy, vinaigrette taste to it and the directions didn’t say to warm it up.  After bringing the glaze to a low simmer for a minute or two, it was time to plate.


The fish was beautiful and the sides were tasty.  I didn’t have to season anything not even a pinch of salt!

Then came dessert:


The chocolate flourless cake was decadent and rich which was perfect with the light fish dinner.  I had a bottle of local Cassis that we cracked open and I added some pomegranates and blackberries to the dish. A little espresso with lemon twists just made it perfect!

Dinner worked out to about $48.00 per head with wine.  After a very busy day, I had the opportunity to spend a little time setting the table for our guests. The meal is 100% guaranteed and Plate Prep is working with the Feed Our Veterans campaign and for every 1,000 members that Plate Prep ships, they will feed 100 military families in need. Check out their website by clicking here.  If you want to give it a try, at checkout, enter the code: SusanSpouts for a 25% discount on anything website wide!

Happy Holidays! Just breathe….


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  1. Susan conway

    Loved reading all about this dinner. It all liked fabulous!

    1. Susan (Post author)

      Thanks Susan for visiting Susan Spouts! What a great name we share!


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