Rainy 4th of July in Saratoga… No Problem!

My mother always said not to let the weather stop you from what you want to do…. this is from a woman who grew up in England and told me if they waited for the rain to stop before going outside, they never would’ve gone out!  We did gain our Independence from the Brits but that doesn’t mean we didn’t inherit that kind of sensibility.  So, we grabbed a bumbershoot …. a brolley… uh, I mean an umbrella and headed for downtown Saratoga in search of a  “foodies” 4th of July.

The city hosts an All American Celebration and damp Saratogians and visitors were out in full force.
The Saratoga Farmer’s Market was in full swing with live music and the smell of food coming from the tent set up for dining on vegan delights from Vital Eats who boasts “simple, healthy, healing food”. We are always attracted to cheese and made our way to The Dancing Ewe Farm and introduced ourselves.  The Sheep’s milk cheeses are…. well… beautiful!   We grabbed some carrots, rainbow Swiss chard and a loaf of 8 grain 3 seed bread from Rock Hill Bakery.

Totally soaked, but determined, we began our way back to the car, (mantra: don’t let the rain stop you…. don’t let the rain stop you..) we stopped by the last stall to sample some Pucker’s Gourmet pickles and Kimchi. kimchi A repeat customer was looking for a 4 gallon size container of the Kimchi to take home!  We bought a jar of the oak barreled cured NY Super Kimchi to work into a recipe this week – a mixture of cabbages, ginger and Korean red pepper.


Placing our groceries in the car we noticed a refuge in the storm… our beacon was Jacob & Anthony’s restaurant. The hostess wondered how far we had walked as we dripped in the foyer but smiled non the less as she walked us to our table. They poured us some drinks as we watched mother nature pour some more rain on our holiday.Jacob & Anthony's drinks


I had the fresh eggplant stack (pictured below – sorry about the photo quality) that they do so well… Panko crusted eggplant, roasted tomatoes, lightly grilled zucchini and smoked mozzarella. This dish gives eggplant parm a fresh, crunchy makeover.

Jacob & Anthony's eggplant

My husband had the lunch special – Jacob and Anthony’s famous, creamy seafood chowder accompanied by a tilapia fish taco with a side of fresh corn salsa.


Dried off and full we walked our way through the other holiday revelers to the Northshire Book Store on Broadway and ducked in to wander around.

Found some books for this pescetarian… ūüôā  Northshire Book Store




Saratoga never disappoints on this holiday weekend, even when it rains the show must go on!
The rain let up and the sun peeked out…. no need for an ark this time. On to the Fire works!  (Good advice Mom)

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