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Welcome to a new corner of my blog…. I’m calling it Susan Spouts-A 50 Something’s Musings, where I can “spout” about things that are on the mind of this 50 something food blogger. Would love you to grab a glass of wine, read and comment if you have time….


In the news this week, 18-year-old Australian model and Instagram star, Essena O’Neil, decided to leave social media because it portrayed a false persona and gave her a sense of negative self-esteem.  “I don’t care about numbers”, she said while being paid $400.00 for a single Instagram post by a sponsor….poor kid.

Hanging with my girlfriends and fellow bloggers last night, this was a topic of conversation…. Do we worry about the numbers? Absolutely! We want to know if our content is worthy of a “Like”, “Share” or “Retweet”.  Let’s face it, sponsors won’t even give you a chance if your social media following is low…..would you put an ad in a low circulated magazine?  But, the real question is:  Do we put ourselves out there or do we only show the beautiful side of our work?   Agreeing that we all create to please our audience, but like an artist painting on canvas, should we show the pile of unfinished oils in the corner?  Maybe we should….  show the mistakes that we make, our faces without make-up, the burnt…err over browned food that comes out of the oven.  As a food blogger and recipe creator, there are many trials and errors before a recipe is published. There are at least a hundred photos taken before I find the one.  I don’t know if you really have time to look at all the mistakes.

I understand that for a young model who relies on her looks to make a living she feels that there is more to her than her appearance… a really good message for young girls, but she chose modeling as a career, to sell the image.   At this tender age she has the world on a string (bikini), lets see if she sticks to it….more power to her.

In the meantime, I won’t bore you with pics of over browned food!



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