To Quinoa or Not?

My husband and I decided to venture out and try a different restaurant – The Lake Ridge in Round Lake, NY.  A very pretty restaurant with nice linens and old photos of the Saratoga Springs area on the walls.  The beautiful mahogany bar area was cozy and welcoming.  My kind of place.

Hubby was having a scotch so I opted for the house Pinot Grigio while we looked over menus.  The Lake Ridge menu is traditional American fare that has been modernized to keep up with the new food trends. Including items like Bostonian Shrimp Dooley, Escargot and Caesar salad on the appetizer menu and classic entrées such as Pork Tenderloin updated with a tart cherry sauce with candied walnuts, also a Crab and Salmon cake dish served with a citrus aioli.  There was a Red Curry Seafood Bolognese that looked incredible (inspiration for a new home recipe) that had to wait for another trip.

Our waitperson explained the specials and I knew that I was leaving the set entrée menu behind!   For a starter, I chose the escargot (I am always looking for a good preparation). The snails were sauteed in garlic and shallot butter sauce served over grilled crusty French bread.  Yet another reason to do extra miles on the treadmill this week!  Check it out.

Lake Ridge 2

For the entrée, I chose the special fish dish. The quinoa crusted sea bass on wild rice, topped with a cool, tangy corn salsa accompanied by some crunchy haricot verts.  It sounded interesting and I am a quinoa girl!  My husband went for the blue cheese stuffed salmon topped with saluted spinach and bacon which looked incredible. Here’s my dish.

Lake Ridge

The fish was cooked to perfection and the crispiness of the quinoa gave it that texture that fish deserves.
So…. if you are looking for my dessert review, let’s just say that you have got to be kidding – half the sea bass was my breakfast the next morning!
A restaurant not to be passed by and we will go again. Make reservations it’s a popular place. Maybe I’ll make it to dessert next time…

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